what is love by most people (if not all)? BBQ. what is the thing that not all people have? a backyard. bugger. this means non-landed home owner will be missing out the great tradition of BBQ parties. well, at least not without having to share a common pasture with loads of other strangers, but that was before BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill designed by Hendrik Drecker came along. Bruce is a space-saving BBQ-at-your-balcony solution that hangs on the handrail or mount to the wall of your balcony, thus freeing up precious space on your balcony for your guests to mingle and presumably, to enjoy the picture perfect view. as awesome as it is, the BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill won’t help much if you don’t even have a balcony. speaking of which, don’t use this or any BBQ equipment in enclosed apartment, less you start tripping the smoke alarms and causing uncalled for panics. but for the rest who has a balcony to call your own and BBQ is fine by your neighbors, go ahead and grab yourself a BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill for €59, or about 77 in USD.

Connox via Oh Gizmo!

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