Bicycle Hoyle Slice 2 Pack

Bicycle Hoyle Slice 2 Pack
who doesn’t love card games? love aside, not everyone is trouble-free when comes to shuffling the deck. a seemingly easy task but also an age old problem that inflict gamblers and non-gamblers alike. the truth is, not every one is cut out to shuffle. the solution? pick up the skill with this Bicycle Hoyle Slice 2 Pack (and catch some YouTube videos) and you will be shuffling like you should in no time (notice we didn’t say ‘pro’). the Hoyle Slice cards may look like a watered down deck of cards, but be assured that it really isn’t; it has all the 54 cards you’d find in a standard deck and comes with 2 packs: one red and one blue back deck, both contained in a cool carrying case. as for the artwork, the decks features the original artwork and they are all totally made in the good’ol USA. the Bicycle Hoyle Slice 2 Pack is available now for $4.99 for the single deck, and $26.94 for a case of six. another look after the break.

Bicycle Hoyle Slice 2 Pack

Bicycle Playing Cards via werd.

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