yes. the HP Prime Graphing Calculator is a calculator that HP wants you to buy. in an age where smartphone can pretty much do everything a scientific calculator can with apps that cost no more than a few bucks, it is hard to imagine a dedicated device will be of any interest. however, for those still pursuing their education may have some need for such device and in that case, the Prime might be one of the coolest, if not the most stylish, calculator you can get. the Prime is not just any graphing calculator, it is one equipped with a 3.5-inch multitouch color display and supports a host of different apps. mathematics-related apps, that is and you probably find Angry Birds here. nevertheless, it is one heck of a looker with its metal body in brushed finished and nice retro touch with its angled keys. as to why angled keys instead of the usuals? we have absolutely no idea. all we know is, it kind of add character to an otherwise monotonous device. there is no pricing yet and information of availability is also not quite forthcoming as yet. if you are keen on the HP Prime (for whatever reasons), you can keep your eyes peeled HERE or learn more by watching the embedded video below.

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  1. Obviously, the author has no idea what the HP 50G, and the ones before it were. For someone in math and /or sciences it is the most sophisticated piece of equipment you could ever get. HP Prime is the next in the series. Certainly it looks good in the outside but whoever buys a HP Graphing Calculator do it for what is inside.

    At the other hand, given the multiplicity of functions in smartphones, they are not accepted as calculating devices for tests. By the way, the only thing out there in the apps world that could match a HP graphing calculator is Wolfram Mathematica.

    1. your are right we don’t 🙂 we won’t deny it. we can’t be everything we want to be even though we wish we were jacks of all trade. the development of smartphone is more profound than merely having apps that do everything. it is a prelude to what’s the future holds for us all. granted that today’s apps certainly can’t match the prowess of a dedicated device such as this beautiful example here, it certainly lays the foundation for it to do so. perhaps not today or tomorrow, but not too far into the future.

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