10th-Gen Intel Chip-powered HP Spectre X360 13 Is Gorgeous, Has Option For 4K AMOLED Display

This blog is beyond gadgets, tech culture or quirky news; it is also about beautiful products and beautiful product the 2020 HP Spectre X360 13 Laptop certainly is. With the 2020 iteration, the gorgeous gem cut and dual chamfered corners design is now complement by a beautiful AMOLED display.

HP Introduces Wood Series ENVY And HP VR Backpack That Is Also A Desktop

HP has announced the world’s first convertible PCs crafted with authentic wood. Wait. It isn’t the first, right? You ask. Yes. It isn’t. This is the part where it sounds a bit of a stretch because, HP is calling it a convertible PCs even though it (convertible PCs), in a broad sense, is essentially laptops. […]

This HP Omen Wireless Mouse Is Charged Wirelessly By Its Mousepad

During the HP Gaming Festival in Beijing on Tuesday, HP also introduce a pair of interesting gadgets, a wireless mouse called Omen Photon and mousepad called Omen Outpost. Wait. A mousepad isn’t a gadget, is it? Well, it is in the case of Outpost Mousepad because, it is also a Qi wireless charging pad. And […]

HP Introduced World’s First Dual-screen Gaming Laptop

While Lenovo envisioned a PC/laptop hybrid that folds, HP announced a gaming laptop that has a feature that appears to be useless, but yet so useful at the same time. Meet the HP Omen X 2S, the world’s first dual-screen gaming laptop. Wait a minute… it is not the world’s first, is it? OK. Maybe […]

HP Omen X VR Backpack Is Finally A Reality, But At A Cost Of An Arm Or A Leg

I am not going lie. I did not follow closely with the upcoming ‘trend’ of virtual reality backpack and therefore, it now comes as a surprise to me that the HP’s virtual reality backpack, dubbed Omen X, has not been shipped until today. OK. Technically speaking, it is not shipping today because, at the time […]

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Prints On ZINK Photo Paper, Cost Just $130

HP is no stranger to making printers which kind of surprises us that the computer hardware maker is not actively covering all matter of prints. Ok, may it has. Anyways, the HP Sprocket you see here is the company’s latest portable printer that produces 2 by 3 inches photos, complete with a peel-and-stick back to […]

HP Pavilion Wave & Elite Slice Proves PC Makers Are Getting More Innovative

For decades, PC makers haven’t been thinking out-of-the-box, like literally. Over the years, desktop computers and rectangular chassis are synonymous. That’s until Mac Pro came along with its shiny, gleaming cylindrical look. It broke the tradition which previously only available to PC customizers. A few years on, MSI also challenge the status quo and soon […]

The World’s Thinnest Laptop From HP Measures An Incredible 10.4mm Thin

While most laptop makers do strive to keep their laptop’s profile down, you have to acknowledge that Apple is the only one in the how-thin-a-laptop-can-go race. But it looks like HP too, is going all out business when it comes to profile thickness, or in this case, thinnest. The PC maker’s 13.3-inch Spectre laptop is […]

HP Is Developing A VR Backpack That Will Cut The Cords In Virtual Reality

You know how some sci-fi depicts virtual reality? They simply put on a goggle and the actor magically appears in a VR world, but in reality, you will need more than just a goggle. Sure, it can be done, powered by a smartphone, but it is going to need more crunching power than a pocket-size […]

HP-engineered Michael Bastian Smartwatch “MB Chronowing” is Now Available, Starting at $349

Until now, smartwatch has been a tech-centric piece, which means most people would not even consider it as a designer piece, much less a luxury one. Well, not if fashion designer Michael Bastian can help it. A few months ago, we briefly touched on the news about Michael Bastian partnership with Gilt and HP to […]