HP has announced the world’s first convertible PCs crafted with authentic wood. Wait. It isn’t the first, right? You ask. Yes. It isn’t. This is the part where it sounds a bit of a stretch because, HP is calling it a convertible PCs even though it (convertible PCs), in a broad sense, is essentially laptops. But hey, its nothing personal. It is just marketing.

HP ENVY Wood Series Laptops

Anyways, expect the HP ENVY Wood Series to feature a choice of all new, next-generation Intel Core processors or 2nd-generation AMD Ryzen Mobile Processors with Radeon Vega Graphics, and one-of-a-kind authentic wood inlay in three exquisite combinations (Nightfall Black with Natural Walnut, Ceramic White with White Birch, and Natural Silver with Pale Birch).

HP ENVY Wood Series will also feature Amazon Alexa Service, Modern Standby, Wake on Voice, Wake on Fingerprint reader, and HP very own security features including HP Sure View and HP Webcam Kill Switch solution.

The HP ENVY Wood Series Laptops will be arriving this Fall with pricing to be disclosed closer to the actual availability.

HP VR Backpack

In a related news, HP also announced a new HP VR Backpack which it proclaims as “the ultimate machine for both VR creation and consumption.” And yes, VR backpack is still alive. But I can’t help but to wonder, with powerful standalone VR goggles, is there still a place for VR backpack. Probably not if it isn’t touted as a machine for VR creation.

“Specifically designed to tackle VR engines including Unreal and Unity, the VR solution provides incredible shading and framerate support for more natural rending. Powered by 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 and Nvidia® GeForce® RTX 2080, the VR Backpack provides a 30 percent performance boost and 25 percent more powerful graphics over the previous generation. The free-roam tetherless experience is designed to address the needs of multi-user entertainment venues, architectural walk-throughs, and design simulations. While docked or VESA mounted, the VR Backpack acts as a powerful, super-slim desktop ready for intensive design work.”

So, yeah, HP VR Backpack does do double duty as a desktop and apparently, powerful enough to take on “intensive design work.” Look out for it its imminent arrival this summer, but warned that it will be costly, like you $3,299 or more kind of costly.

Images: HP.

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