Texas tuner Hennessey Performance has taken the 2020 Jeep Gladiator, tuned it and calls it Maximus 1000 which it proclaims as “the ultimate Jeep Gladiator.” And why shouldn’t it be “the ultimate gladiator” when it now has a very angry 6.2L supercharged V8 Hellcat motor under the hood that discharges an insane 1,000 horsepower and turns out a metal-twisting 933 lb-ft (1,265 Nm!) of torque. Holy mother of… that’s a lot power and torque!

The updated HPE1000 engine is is joined by an 8-speed automatic transmission and the original 4-wheel drive system. Hennessey Maximums 1000 Jeep Gladiator further features a stainless steel exhaust system, Maximus front and rear bumpers, LED lights, Hennessey 20-inch wheels, BFG 20-inch KD off-road tires, upgraded suspension system with 6 inches of lift, and a custom interior boasting wrapped in leather with Hennessey and Maximus embroidered seats.

Hennessey Maximus 1000 Jeep Gladiator

Now, for the awesome news: Hennessey Maximums 1000 Jeep Gladiator is a ride you can buy. However, as expected, it costs a pretty penny. It will set you back at $200,000, which includes the base Jeep Gladiator. Money isn’t the last thing you have worry about for this gorgeous ride; the quantity is another issue because, production is limited to just 24 units.

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Production is slated to start in July with two units to be built each month. Do take note that each vehicle will take around four months to complete. So, it will be a while before you can kick some dust in the wilderness, but I am sure it is going to be worth the wait.

Hennessey Maximus 1000 Jeep Gladiator

All images courtesy of Hennessey Performance.

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