When it comes to camper trailer, we can’t say we have seen it all, but for the handful we have saw thus far, the Atomic Camper sure left a deep impression in us and now, we can add the Unity Wagon caravan to our list. Created by Steve Areen, this camper trailer is unlike what you have learned about camper trailer. I mean, one look you know this trailer is fun and has the strong commune vibe to it. In other words, it is inviting. Built on stretched, 5 x 10 trailer with a custom steel structure, Unity Wagon is composed mainly of discarded wood sourced from a mill.

Unity Wagon Caravan by Steve Areen

A lot work was invested trying make the non-purpose wood to fit the shape Areen desires, but with dedication and persistence, his hard work finally pays off. The result is a playful caravan that beckons you to have fun. We are particularly wowed by the ingenuity that went into creating this cosy small living space. Essentially a single bedder, Unity Wagon’s built-in bed can be extended to accommodate two (maybe three, if you are fussy about space). Moreover, a sliding table top extends out under the bed o enable up to seven person to commune together for a meal.

Unity Wagon Caravan by Steve Areen

But that’s not even the most brilliant part. We thought the round feature window and the pot holes flanking it are the coolest feature of this caravan. The round window provides a nice view of the outside world and if Areen so choose to, he can chillax on the wide sill. And the pot holes? They serve several purposes. Concealed by fabrics, they are used as storage for variety items Areen possesses and they also serve as light source for the cabin.

Unity Wagon Caravan by Steve Areen

The open holes also double as stepping stones for Areen to access to the roof, through the large side openings, where Areen can chill out and just watch the clouds pass by. Now, that is life! Speaking of the large openings, fly nets can be installed over them to keep bugs out and versatile canvas serves as privacy screen while doubling as a shelters and awnings when the occasion calls for them. On the inside, it has a small firewood stove to keep the tiny cabin warm and toasty during cold days and does a little cooking, and opposite it, is a small kitchen countertop for food preparation.

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Unity Wagon Caravan by Steve Areen

A clever cover hides the sink, increasing the real estate of the countertop when the basin isn’t required. A series of racks on the wall is where Areen stash cooking condiments and whatnot. However, unlike full-fledged camper trailer, Unity Wagon does not have the ability to hook up with water supply or to the sewage. Instead, waste water are contained in a portable container which has to be disposed manually while water is supply by a (cool looking) ceramic dispenser. Electricity for the lights are powered exclusively by a couple of solar panels.

Steve’s cosy home-on-wheels is lacking of bathroom though, but being a farm-stay wagon, parked next to the tranquil lake on Yandoit Farm in Melbourne, Australia, he probably does not need one anyways. Keep going for an interview/video tour by Living Big In A Tiny House to learn more about this super cool camper trailer (and trust me, you will not want to miss it).

Unity Wagon Caravan by Steve Areen

Images: Steve Areen.

via designboom.

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