HP Omen Photon Wireless Mouse and Outpost Mousepad

During the HP Gaming Festival in Beijing on Tuesday, HP also introduce a pair of interesting gadgets, a wireless mouse called Omen Photon and mousepad called Omen Outpost. Wait. A mousepad isn’t a gadget, is it? Well, it is in the case of Outpost Mousepad because, it is also a Qi wireless charging pad. And if you are guessing that the mouse charges via the mousepad, you are absolutely right. Quite a brilliant combo, if you ask me.

It is not the first, though. Razer Nommo also also charges via mousepad. However, the difference is, Razer Nommo needs to be perpetually fed with juice as it has no battery. That means it can’t do without the special mousepad. HP Omen Photon Wireless Mouse and Omen Outpost Mousepad, on the other hand, is not. The mouse has a battery which itself is good for a whopping 50 hours of use and it can be charged with any Qi standard charging pad.

That, plus the wireless charging is part of the mousepad, not the entire mousepad’s surface, and so, all you need to get it charging is to set it on the Qi platform on the Outpost mat every time you are not using the mouse. So, theoretically, you’d have a mouse that never needs to be charged, or should I say, conscious make the effort to do so.

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Features of the Photon includes removable rests, 11 customizable buttons, built-in tensioning-balanced system, 2.4 GHz Proactive Wireless Technology, and 0.2 ms click response time. The Outpost features a flippable design with hard and soft anti-fray mat options, USB-A passthrough port for a wireless dongle, and Omen Command Center customizable RGB LED lighting. As a boon, Omen Outpost is able to charge any Qi standard smartphones as well.

HP Omen Photon Wireless Mouse and HP Omen Outpost Mousepad will be available in July for $129.99 and $99.99, respectively.

Images: HP.

Source: Windows Central.