HP is no stranger to making printers which kind of surprises us that the computer hardware maker is not actively covering all matter of prints. Ok, may it has. Anyways, the HP Sprocket you see here is the company’s latest portable printer that produces 2 by 3 inches photos, complete with a peel-and-stick back to appease the ‘millennials’. Wait. Do we even print anything other than school and work documents these days? Maybe we do. Personally, I am not fond of printing anything, much less photos. Mainly because I am super lazy and the thought of printing using the multifunction printer, which is located several feet away from me, gives me the cringe. Yes. I am beyond lazy. I rather spend the energy washing cups for my next shot of caffeine, really.

HP Sprocket Pocket Photo Printer

Anywho, a portable printer designed specifically for use with smartphones and tablets like the Sprocket may help. It is tiny, like such printers is, measuring an unobtrusive 295 x 4.57 x 0.91 inches and weighs in a mere 0.379 lb. It don’t promise blazing fast printing, but it will churn out a print in under a minute and also, it uses now-popular ZINK Zero Ink Technology to delivery your print which ensures your tangible memories are smudge-proof, water resistant and to some extend, tear-resistant. ZINK, btw, is also how makers of portable printer managed to shrink a printer to a pocketable size. Like many portable printers out there, it works with a companion app which, besides letting you manage the prints, lets you customize them with frames, text, stickers, filters and whatnot. You know, the usual stuff, that get millennials excited.

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To be honest, HP Sprocket Pocket Photo Printer is just another portable printer and so, whether to acquire this, is just a matter of preference. Though I must say HP Sprocket Pocket Photo Printer is looking, aesthetically, particularly handsome. Also, it is quite affordable too, going at $129.99 and you have a choice of two colors: white with rose gold accent and black with silver accent.

HP Sprocket Pocket Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Pocket Photo Printer

HP Sprocket Pocket Photo Printer

Images courtesy of HP.

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