Change the Record iPhone Speaker

Change the Record iPhone Speaker
(photos: Paul Cocksedge) Change the Record iPhone Speaker | £PoA |

like its powered counterpart, power-free iPhone speakers are in abundance, which inevitably makes us look past many of them as there are being introduced. however, the Change the Record iPhone Speaker managed to stop us in our track with its rather unconventional design. it is a power-free iPhone speaker that is formed from actual 12-inch vinyl record. created by London-based product designer Paul Cocksedge, this repurposed vinyl was put through a heating and moulding process, which result in a beautiful horn-shaped speaker while still maintaining those original vinyl groove lines, which adds to its beauty. even the original record label is still there as a reminder of which album it hails from. we thought it is an awesome way to repurpose something that would otherwise destined to trash can (or collect dust) but it might just be something that will leave a bad taste in staunch vinyl records lovers’ mouth. anyway, the good news for those with an open mind and all who appreciate this gorgeous product, the Change the Record iPhone Speaker is available for purchase for an undisclosed amount of money. all you need to do is touch base with the man himself. check out some larger views after the break.

Paul Cocksedge Studio via HiConsumption via Technabob

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