Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive

Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive
(photos: Shawish) Shawish Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive | from US$16,500.00 |

fast cars, palatial residences and big ticket items – you probably have it all. so it is time to make sure those nitty gritty items that you own in this life are of the same lavish statement, such as having an exquisitely crafted Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive that is completely encrusted with nearly 32 carats worth of precious stones. the Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive exist as a collection, which comprises of ten attractive precious stones-laden USB flash drive shaped like, well, a magic mushroom. though we are not quite sure how a real life magic mushroom looks like but that’s beside the point. the price is, of course, ridiculously pricey which varies depending on the model you fancy. for example, a pink gold item embellished with pink sapphires and white diamonds cost $16,500, while a yellow gold item with white diamonds and rubies goes for $24,400 and one with white gold set with a combination of emeralds and white diamonds will set you back at a hefty $36,900 each. another look after the break.

Magic Mushroom USB Flash Drive

Shawish Jewellery via Born Rich

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