Gramophone horn-style speakers for iPhone are not new, but they are generally, based on natural amplification. we won’t blame their creators, cos’ having a horn this huge really tempts one to go all natural, but not the Gramovox. not a chance. a couple dudes had a better idea: combining the proven acoustic of a gramophone developed in the 1920s with the modern electronics circuitry and Bluetooth connectivity, and the result is the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone. it is a modern day gramophone, bearing all the nostalgic sounds you come to know but with the convenience of Bluetooth audio streaming. perfect? i heard you say? you bet it is. the setup consists of two parts, the nostalgic horn shaped like the Magnavox R3 horn speaker of the 1920s and a clean, minimal wooden base that houses a specially designed circuit board, Bluetooth 3.0 chip, a magnetically-shield 66mm cone driver and a 3,300 mAh lithium-ion battery that’s good for up to 15 hours of playback.

the wood base is available in a choice of walnut or maple and the speaker base also sports a 3.5mm input, in the event you have non-Bluetooth equipped sources to play from. the base will be crafted by Ohio from hand-selected wood boards from the lumber yards, while the horn will be fabricated with steel using the manufacturing methods from the 1920s. in a world where manufacturers are touting portability with their Bluetooth speakers, what Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone did was refreshing and yet brave – in the sense that they are actually riding against the tide. whether this concept will be well received remains to be seen and what better way then to let Kickstarter be the platform to be judged? speaking of which, the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone is an on-going Kickstarter campaign aimed to raise 100 grand to fund the manufacturing of the speaker and you can part of the effort to make this awesome speaker a reality by backing up the project. though we have to forewarn you that it is not going to be cheap, not even close.

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the team chose to do away with early adopters option and let you jump straight into backing them, which you can do by dropping $249 for US residents, $299 for Canada folks, $319 for the mates in downunder, and $349 for those residing in EU territories. oops, it looks like if live anywhere outside of those four areas, you will be disappointed. unfortunate, it is. in any case, you can learn more about this speaker in the embedded video below.

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