after reading about the Neptune Pine, will you still consider a smartwatch that pegs to your smartphone to function? if the answer is ‘yes’, then you can add the Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch to your list of ‘sleek smartwatch from a reputable company to get’. the much talked about smartwatch went up on pre-order late last month, but for those missed the boat then, fret not cos’ it is now officially available via Qualcomm Toq website for $349.99. the watch is supposed to be available in black or white, but at the time of this writing, it seems like the white model is still listed as “coming soon”, while the black has already sold out and new orders are expected to be shipped in the next 1-2 weeks, so i won’t bet on it as a Christmas gift. as for the watch, the fact that it is a smartwatch, needs little introduction, but anyway, expect details such as a 1.55″ Mirasol display that utilizes natural light source around the display for readability even under bright sunlight and a super sleek aesthetic, attributed by the watch’s button-less and port-less design.

this smart timepiece also boasts a wireless charging function that adds to the convenience and needless to say, cutting a couple of cables out of your gadget-laden life, and unlike traditional wireless charging system in the market, it requires no precise alignment to get it to start charging. other features include touch sensor strap for lock/unlocking the display and backlight functionality, Bluetooth 3.0 technology, adjustable wristband that fits wrist sizes between 6″ and 8.7″, airplane mode, vibration mode, a 240 mAh battery for “multiple days usage in-between charges,” and a changeable display clock modes to suit your style. update is automatically push to watch via your smartphone app, so you can be assured that your trusty Toq will always stay up to date. though designed for Android devices, it is recommended that this be used with Android 4.0.3 Jelly Bean and above. so interested folks, do take note.

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UPDATE [February 24, 2014; 09:59PM PST] amidst the growing competition in the somewhat crowded smartwatch market, Qualcomm has announced a price cut on the Toq Smartwatch to $249.99, which is a good 100 bucks off its original sticker and the white is now available, if you are still keen.

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch

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