Remember the Japanese bag maker Pico Cat Production that makes incredibly life-like cat bags? The company has never stop doing so, but recently, it kind up stir up the Internet again, this time with a backpack.That’s right, folks. The picture you see above is not an animal cruelty caught in the act. It is a cat backpack.

Realistic Cat Backpack by Pico Cat Production

As Mashable’s Dale pointed out, usually it is fairly easy to spot a fake. However, that is not in the case of the Cat Backpack. At the first glance, it looks like someone has strap a cat to his or her back (or this case, ‘it’ as it is pictured carried by a mannequin).

The likeness to an actual cat is mind-blowing. It is fluffy like a typical cat and sized like one too – complete with a tail and a collar. You may ask. If this is a bag and not an actual cat, where’s the opening of the bag?

Realistic Cat Backpack by Pico Cat Production

Well, there is a full zipper; it is around on the ‘cat’s’ back, cleverly concealed within the thick fur.

Having the zip against your back helps to conceal the fact that it is man-made and perhaps, even prevent accidental opening or god forbids, pickpocket. Than again, the Cat Backpack is so life-like, I bet pickpockets won’t even imagine it is a bag. The back of the backpack is also where you find the backpack’s straps.

Realistic Cat Backpack by Pico Cat Production

The Realistic Cat Backpack by Pico Cat Production is made-to-order which was available to order, but the company have since stop taking orders as they are just too many orders than they could handle at this point.

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Realistic Cat Backpack by Pico Cat Production

Images: Twitter (@picopoco08).

via Mashable SE Asia.

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