Q version of famous characters like Godzilla is not new. But what Taiwanese designer Jay Rock did with these Godzilla vs Kong characters are no ordinarily cute.

Cute Godzilla vs Kong Parody Figures

Rock’s took the cuteness to the next level while retaining the ferocious look of the two titans. Originally created as a concept art, Jay Rock’s Ziboo vs Kingboo is a homage to the recently released 4th Hollywood Godzilla movie (and the 36th Godzilla in the history of, well, Godzilla. Ziboo vs Kingboo is exactly if both giants eat much but don’t move around much – just like us during the lockdown period).

The figures are cast in resin and they are around the size of X-Plus Q version. Jay Rock has teamed up with toy maker Toystrike to make the concept real and real they are, as they are being put into production. There was a pre-order going in late March which ended on April 5.

Cute Godzilla vs Kong Parody Figures

As with many independent toy designer and manufacturer, details regarding these figures are newly non-existence. These individuals and companies usually do not have a website.

Information are distributed via their social media accounts and sometimes through select blogs.

Cute Godzilla vs Kong Parody Figures

That said, there was no actual website to order; there were order forms for Taiwan and International buyers, and those were it. In any case, the pre-order has ended.

If any luck, your favorite toy stores may carry Ziboo vs Kingboo when the set starts shipping in June, or the stores would have already taken pre-orders for the set. As for the asking price, it was 3,800 New Taiwan Dollars (or around US$136) for a set.

Cute Godzilla vs Kong Parody Figures
Cute Godzilla vs Kong Parody Figures
Cute Godzilla vs Kong Parody Figures

Images: Jay Rock/Toystrike.

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via The Toy Chronicle.

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