The poster scene of Godzilla looking up the sky and emitting radiant heat rays in the 2019 Godzilla has been immortalized as a collectible figure. Well, the cute version, that is.

Shonen-Ric SFX Godzilla 2019 Figure

The Shonen-Ric Deforial SFX Godzilla 2019 Figure is part of a new series Deforial SFX, featuring caricatured version of a character and with special effects.

In the case of the Shonen-Ric Deforial SFX Godzilla 2019, the SFX is of shooting radiant heat rays into the sky is recreated with the help of mist and light.

The figure measures around 15 centimeter (5.9 inches) tall and it is made from PVC, EVA and ABS.

The light and mist gimmick is powered by a rechargeable 300 mA lithium battery good for an hour of operation in between charges.

Shonen-Ric SFX Godzilla 2019 Figure

Contained inside the Deforial Godzilla (2019) is a 70cc water tank that dispenses mist art 40 ml per hour.

The product is a finished product that requires no assembly or painting. While it does emit mist, Shonen Ric stresses that it is NOT a humidifier.

Shonen-Ric Deforial SFX Godzilla 2019 Figure will be available for pre-order in February for 6,578 yen (about US$64).

Images: Shonen Ric [JP].

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