You know what? The pandemic may have opened up more opportunities for robots. You know, because, it minimizes human-to-human interactions. While the DAL-e AI-powered custom service robot revealed by Hyundai Motor Group is not born out of the pandemic, it may prove to be a great help in this unprecedented time.

Hyundai Motor Group Customer Service Robot

I know what you are thinking. The name “DAL-e” resembles the evil cyborg aliens from the Doctor Who series, but reassure DAL-e is not bent on universe domination. DAL-e is in fact an acronym for “Drive you, Assist you, Link with you-experience.” Wait. What? Never mind. I think we get the point.

DAL-e is offering bespoke custom services over at a Hyundai Motor showroom in Seoul as part of the pilot operations. There are plans for adoption in diverse operating environments, said Kia.

This little guy boasts language processing, facial recognition and automated mobility capabilities for “seamless wall-to-wall services under COVID-19 situation.” Featuring a truncated, humanoid body, DAL-e is accoutered with friendly, emotive physical features for close interactions with customers.

Kia said the robot is able to engage in an automated and smooth dialogue with customers by providing useful information on products and services, and responding to verbal and screen touch commands.

The robot is able to provide information including explaining vehicles and technologies by wirelessly connecting to a large display screen in the showroom. It can even recognizes if a customer entering the showroom is not wearing mask and advises the customer to wear one.

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Four omnidirectional wheels allows DAL-e to move freely, guiding customers to designated spot. It is entertaining too, beckoning visitors to take photos with it, and providing gestured feedback using its movable arms. And yes, it has arms too, albeit pretty tiny ones.

Images: Kia Motors.

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