X.RHex is the next generation weird-legs military insect bot

Kodlab X RHEX main 544x408px
(image credit: Kod*lab)

the future battlefield could be one that’s swam with bots scrambling around and nothing is more fearsome than one that can maneuver across almost any terrain. the X-RHEX is the next generation six-legged hexapedal robot that is touted to be stronger, more durable then its predecessor while maintaining its physical size and weight. the X.RHex now has a longer run time of up to two hours.
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developed by Kod*lab, University of Pennsylvania, in part with DARPA funding, this six-legged robot has weird-looking half round legs, allowing it to navigate across a host of terrains, including climbing of stairs and muddy terrain. though it may not wield the speed that some wheeled or legged bots processed, its ability to cross variety of terrains will proof invaluable for military reconnaissances and disaster rescue operations.

the X.RHex also comes equipped with military-spec mounting rails on its back, a hint of what this bot is destined for. its a development that’s kind of exciting but at the same time, gives us the chills of what the future of robotic developments might hold for us.

via Fast Company

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