NovoQuad ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-drone System

Since realizing the potential threat of errand or rogue drones, companies new and old have been developing systems that could neutralize this threat before it could do any harm. There have been many ideas, including a kamikaze drone, drone with net, the use of eagles, net-firing bazooka, and a variety of anti-drone guns that look straight out of sci-fi movies.

NovoQuad ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-drone System

The ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-drone System from Delaware-based defense and security system specialist, Novoquad, is the latest to join the latter. Unlike the many handheld systems we have seen to date, the ND-BD003 has to be the most compact – if not the most compact, with no external pack required like the Paladyne E1000MP we saw two years ago.

Though not a lot is known about this new handheld anti-drone system. What we know is, it is an all-in-one package that integrates detection, countermeasure, display, control, and power supply. The integrated detector helps its human operator to detect errand drones beyond human’s line of sight.

NovoQuad ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-drone System

NovoQuad ND-BD003 Handheld Anti-drone System is a standalone device that is designed for low-altitude protection in events like important meetings and patrols at critical installations.

While it can be used as a standalone device, much like a regular firearm, it can also interconnect with an anti-drone command platform via a wireless network, and collaborate with other anti-drone systems for a bigger operation. However, beyond that, technical details like the range are not disclosed. It is not clear if the device jams, or can both jam and hijack the intruding drone.

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Images: NovoQuad.