We have seen quite a number of ways to take offending drone out of the sky. It ranges from using using eagles to anti-drone “missile drone” to shooting nets. But the Paladyne E1000MP Drone-Jamming Pistol by UK-based Drone Defence ought be the sleekest solution.

Most of the anti-drone “guns” we have seen are bulky, which is why the E1000MP had our attention.

When an offending drone comes into a kilometer (0.62 mile), the E1000MP can be activated to block its control, disrupt the GPS, and video signals.

This disruption will cause the rogue drone to return to its start location, land or just drift away. I am not sure if latter is a good idea considering that the drone could be carrying explosive or toxic substance. Just saying…

Paladyne E1000MP is not limited to a specific direction; it can be use with omni-directional antenna to cover wide areas.

In addition, the operator is able to choose the channels they want to intercept. For example, they could activate ‘return to home’ function in the drone in order to locate the drone operator.

Obviously, while the Paladyne E1000MP Drone-Jamming Pistol is for sale, it is clearly not aimed at consumers. In any case that you want to learn more, you can do so by hitting up its product page.

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Image: Drone Defence.

Source: Uncrate.

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