France Security Firm’s Anti-Drone Gun Looks A Thing From Sci-Fi Series

We have featured quite a few anti-drone measures which are mostly weapons of sort, including a gleeful and not-so-serious anti-drone shotgun, as well as a home drone detection system. As far as gun-like weapons go, there are handful, but honestly speaking, nothing works look cool. I know. It don’t need to (look cool), but it […]

China’s Anti-Drone Gun Looks Like A Weapon Fit For Sci-Fi Movies

What you see here is China’s Wuhan law enforcement officer showing off the police’s new toy: a non-lethal drone-killing gun. Details on this unnamed device is sketchy at best, but the concept behind it is not so much different from DroneShield and Battelle’s iteration we saw last year in that the gun uses some sort […]

New Anti-drone Gun Can Bring Down A Rogue Drone From 1.2 Miles Away

Using electronic means to intercept and safely put an errand drone to the ground is not new, but Sydney-based DroneShield’s sci-fi-ish contraption you see here, aptly called DroneGun, stands out as the first that can do so from up to 1.2 miles (1.9 kilometers) away. The longer reach has obvious benefits and among them is […]

Meet Arquus Scarabee, The First Natively Hybrid Military Vehicle

It’s not like the military never thought of going electric (think diesel electric submarine), but the Arquus Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4×4 is the first natively hybrid military vehicle any government’s money can buy, or will be able to buy once it gets past its prototype stage. Developed by French defense contractor, Arquus, Arquus Scarabee Hybrid […]

DroneBullet is A “Missile Drone” That Will Knock Drones Out Of The Sky

It looks like the Russian homing rocket that is designed to knock out drones isn’t alone. A Canadian company, AerialX, also has a similar anti-drone drone that does the same and it is called DroneBullet – a name no doubt inspired by the shape of the drone and also what it is designed to do. […]

This Homing Rocket Is Designed To Knock Out Drones Out Of The Sky

We have seen enough counter-drone measures here. From drone-snagging eagle to bazooka that fires a net to all sort of electronic rifles, we have seen it all, but this anti-drone from Russia is different. This unnamed anti-drone weapon, as demonstrated in a video, can precisely homed into a rogue drone and knock it out of […]

“Homemade” Drone Catcher Is Awesome, But It Is Really Complicated

Commercial solution to rogue drones are becoming more common today, but you can’t say the same for consumers who face similar pesky problem. Granted, consumers’ issues with drones buzzing around are more like annoyance (think houseflies) and privacy than anything else. That being said, if these errand drones spook you, then I guess you have […]

This High-tech Turret Can Detect And Remove Rogue Drones From The Sky

As much as I like drones, the sheer number of them buzzing in the sky has quickly put them on par with houseflies which means they are annoying and potentially dangerous. And that’s not to mention the intrusion of privacy to both everyday folks (not just celebrities, btw) and companies alike. With these new threats […]

Domino’s Pizza DRU Drone Made First Pizza Delivery In New Zealand

If there’s one thing Domino’s is known for besides pizzas, it would be the company’s relentless pursue of improving pizza delivery. In addition to specially customized delivery vehicles, exploring the possibly of autonomous robot deliveries and one-click order-to-delivery, it has now made the world’s first pizza delivery by a drone to real customers living in […]

Japanese Drone With Dual Robotic Arm Looks Like Stuff Of Science Fiction

In a desolated future, drones of the ruling government (which could be our robot overlord, btw) patrol the skies, seeking out dissidents, rebels and criminals. It is a grim picture of the future, but you can imagine this is a possibility if sophisticated computer that connects us and the many things in life was given […]