We have featured quite a few anti-drone measures which are mostly weapons of sort, including a gleeful and not-so-serious anti-drone shotgun, as well as a home drone detection system. As far as gun-like weapons go, there are handful, but honestly speaking, nothing works look cool. I know. It don’t need to (look cool), but it will be awesome if it did, right? And then, we saw this: the UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun that, like the DroneShield’s, actually looked dope.

UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun

Designed by China-based industrial design studio, Chengdu IDING Design, for France’s security service company, MC2-Technologies, UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun is designed to force drones to turn around and descent. 3 push buttons opposite the trigger guard lets user select between 3 frequencies common to standard drones and cause a change in direction. Like the many anti-drone gun we saw previously, UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun bears the shape of an assault rifle.

UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun

Actually, I thought it looks somewhat like a side-by-side double-barreled shotgun, except the ‘barrels’ are further apart and instead of bored barrel, these ‘barrels’ have antennas in them. It also has a fore grip that looks vaguely like the M203 grenade launcher. As if a rifle, it has a proper gun stock, but in this particular anti-drone gun, the center of gravity is the gun stock which serve to reduce fatigue and also improve operation accuracy. It is also designed to be fitted with an optical scope too.

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UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun was a reddot award 2018 winner. We tried to dig for more info, and found out that the Scrambler 300 was introduced a couple of years ago and with little to no information, we can only assume, the body designed by Chengdu IDING Design is an updated body design which has yet to be offered in the market. I am not too sure.

UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun
UAV Scrambler 300 Anti-Drone Gun

Images: Chengdu IDING Design/MC2-Technologies.

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