BAE Systems Adaptiv – invisibility cloak for vehicles

BAE Adaptiv mounted on CV60 544x290px
we have been waiting for years for invisibility cloak to become a reality and that yearning has finally see some lights. Swedish defense equipment firm, BAE Systems has successfully tested its invisibility cloak technology known as Adaptiv that allows a vehicle to blend with its surrounding. of course, to make a vehicle disappear right before our eyes like James Bond’s Aston Martin is still not within human grasp but the least we could do is to evade those nasty infrared and other surveillance technology. the system is make up of lightweight hexagonal pixels that are juiced up by the vehicle’s system. each of this hand-size pixels are heated or cooled individually with semi-conducting technology that provides its invisibility capability.

these handy size pixels are constructed of metal thus enabling them to sustain physical impact and offers defense against small ordnances. the modular system also allows for easy and quick replacement of the affect pieces without stripping the whole system down. being invisible to IR vision is only half of the whole story Adaptiv has to offer. it can even mimic natural objects, other type of vehicles or display identification tags to minimize the likelihood of friendly fire. though tested on an armored vehicle, the Adaptiv technology’s application is far and wide, which can include helicopters, warships and even buildings.

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the system will be showcased fitted on BAE Systems CV90 armored vehicle at the UK Defense and Security Equipment International exhibition later this month.

via Defense Update

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