SpaceVR Overview One Virtual Reality Camera

There’s really nothing for you in space. That pitch black space has no adorable Pokémon monsters to catch and I am pretty sure Game of Thrones is not a hit in the vacuum environment either, but still, most kids are enthralled by the mysterious space and have, at some point in time, hoped to become an astronaut someday. Unfortunately, that some day may never come, at least it did not for me. I, like many kids, had once wished to be an astronaut, but obviously, it did not happen. But thanks to SpaceVR, we could all become astronauts too, albeit virtually, and appreciate the ball of life from the thermosphere, some 250 miles from Earth.

SpaceVR Overview One Virtual Reality Camera
The camera that’s going to capture awesome footages for you to enjoy

SpaceVR is a startup with a very bold ambition. It wants to launch a virtual reality camera called Overview One and park it at the cupola of the orbiting International Space Station and provides Earth-bound mortals like us a chance to experience space as experienced by astronauts. You won’t experience weightlessness, nor do you need to go on space dietary, but as far as visual goes, it should be a rather immersive way – thanks to VR technology.

The folks behind SpaceVR is adamant in making their vision reality. Having failed to raise $500,000 for the endeavor back in 2015, SpaceVR was back on Kickstarter this year with a lower target of $100K, which it managed to surpass. But $100K is merely for getting the imaging device to ISS and returning the images to Earth and obviously, a lot more funds will be needed to make the whole VR experience from space a reality. For that, the company has looked to alternate funding sources, including those from investors.

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Anyways, to cut long story short, the future is looking bright for SpaceVR and fellow space enthusiasts who backed the campaign. Btw, backing campaign only help to realize the dream and once that dream comes true, SpaceVR will eventually offer subscription deals that will enable you to watch new footages of various Earth and space happenings such as meteor shower, auroras, Earth at night et cetera. In short, it will be blast for serious space nuts who used to be looking up from Earth.

If you are keen, you can show your support for SpaceVR by pre-ordering the stuff (except for the life-time sub) which SpaceVR had offered on Kickstarter through Backerkit, or you could pre-order the said subscription package which goes for $35 for a year’s subscription, or $99 for Life Time sub.

Image: SpaceVR.