en&is’s MegaPhone: power-free, ceramic iPhone speaker

en&is MegaPhone 900x600px
(credit: en&is) en&is MegaPhone | US$tba | enandis.com

Italian designer duo Isabella Lovero and Enrico Bosa, collectively known as en&is, has a sleek proposition on how iPhone sound should be amplified. their creation, aptly dubbed MegaPhone, is a minimalist ceramic horn that passively amplifies the iPhone sound without the need for electrical power. though the concept of natural amplification is not new, their design is something to behold. in another words – awe-inspiring. the setup consists of a beautifully curve horn, handcrafted from ceramic, that sits on an equally beautiful handcrafted thin wooden frame. as with the powered counterpart, its application includes conference, music playback or even FaceTime. no word on whether the MegaPhone will see eventual production but in the event that it does, i’d take two of these. no kidding. this work of art is a looker anytime even without using it as intended. check out a short video clip of the MegaPhone in action after the break.
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en&is via 9to5Mac

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