In case you don’t know, Razer is not just a gaming lifestyle company that makes laptops and gaming peripherals; it is also a maker of gadget accessories like mousepads, a smartphone cooler, a USB-C GaN charger, and now, skins for gadgets.

Razer Skins for Laptops, Consoles, and Mobile Consoles

Offered in a range of designs and precision cuts for a factory-like fit, Razer Skins allow users to customize their gadgets without the bulk of bulk-like cases. I am a huge fan of Skins and so I am glad that a big name like Razer is getting into it.

Though admittedly, Razer’s collection of skins ain’t as huge as established as the maestro of gadget skins, dbrand. Like dbrand, Razer Skins are also made with premium 3M vinyl materials and are able to withstand high temperatures.

The Skins not only offer a fresh look to your gadget but also protect it against scuffs and scratches. Regrettably, though, Skins will not save your device from drops.

Razer Skins for Laptops, Consoles, and Mobile Consoles

The Razer Skins are designed and made by Razer in the good’ol US of A. It promised to be as easy to apply as it is to remove without leaving any residue or damage to the device’s surface.

Right off the bat, Razer Skins are available for an extensive range of Razer-made devices (obviously, duh), including the Blade gaming laptops, Razer Edge, and the Razer Kishi line. It is also available for popular devices like Steam Deck, Sony PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X|S consoles, and select Apple MacBooks.

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It will be available for Nintendo Switch soon. Razer will expand its offering to more devices in the future.

The Razer Skins collection is available now to the US and Canada markets at, RazerStores, and select retailers, with a starting price of US$19.99. It will be available in select countries in Asia Pacific and Europe later this year.

Razer Skins for Laptops, Consoles, and Mobile Consoles
Razer Skins for Laptops, Consoles, and Mobile Consoles

Images: Razer.

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