In addition to the first AMD-powered Razer Blade today, there was another Razer’s first revealed. It is a Gallium Nitride (GaN) charging device, called Razer USB-C GaN Charger.

Razer USB-C GaN Charger

Obviously, there is no lacking such a device in the market. But, if you down for a charging device that has up to 130W of combined charging power between the two USB-C ports (100W max shared) and two USB-A ports (18W shared), and looking super sleek, then the Razer USB-C GaN Charger might be it – if money is no object.

The Razer USB-C GaN Charger affords you to charge up to 4 devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or gaming device simultaneously while remaining highly portable.

Razer USB-C GaN Charger

How portable, you ask? It is just 62 mm long, 32 mm wide and 76 mm tall, and tips the scales at mere 35g.

And oh, did we mention that it is travel-ready too? The Razer USB-C GaN Charge comes with a power plug adapter, that allows it to be use with virtually with any power outlets around the world.

It is safe too, with circuitry to protect your devices from overcurrent, overvoltage, heat, and short circuiting.

However, such awesomeness does not come cheap. The Razer USB-C GaN Charger will run you back at a pretty wallet-busting US$179.99. Razer said it is available now, but last checked, the product page indicates that it was sold out. Hmmm, already? Or was not yet available?

Razer USB-C GaN Charger

All images courtesy of Razer.

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