Jumpi 3-in-1 Car Jump Starter

What literally sucks, charges your smartphone, and jump start your car when the battery went flat? Well, that would be this new jump starter called Jumpi. Jumpi is a 3-in-1 car jump starter that is also a vacuum and a power bank.

The fact that it is also a vacuum cleaner really had our attention. We have seen quite a number of multi-function jump starters mostly will double as a power bank, but never one with a vacuum cleaner.

Jumpi 3-in-1 Car Jump Starter

Jumpi has enough juice to make 10 jumps in between charges and it is completely safe to use – thanks to its low voltage circuitry. And it is lightweight – tipping the scales at just 780g (1.72 lbs) and small enough to fit in most glove boxes.

Jumpi Labs said the vacuum cleaner is “30% quieter” than its competitions and charges to full “in minutes.” It further features antibacterial coating, a no-touch dirt disposal system, powerful suction, and it comes with a variety of attachment to get to those hard-to-reach places and cervices.

As a power bank, it is pretty up-to-date too. It can charge almost any device and does quick charging where supported.

If you think the a jump starting battery, a vacuum and a power bank are what are missing from your car, then you may want to consider picking Jumpi 3-in-1 Car Safety Companion as a pre-order on Kickstarter. It is decently priced too, or at least it is during the campaign, costing just 650 Hong Kong dollars (US$84).

Jumpi 3-in-1 Car Jump Starter

Images: Kickstarter (Jumpi Labs).