Dental Monitoring Virtual Dental Consultation

So, we have come to this, huh? Virtual dental consultation is a thing now. Dental Monitoring, an AI-based company, is promoting virtual dental consultation in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Unlike medical consultation, dental consultation absolutely requires the dentist to look at your teeth – to which Dental Monitoring has just the solutions. The company has launched a new, simplified tele dentistry solutions of its existing HIPAA compliant solutions to help doctors maintain patient care.

Dental Monitoring Virtual Dental Consultation

You can learn more about these new “light” dental consultation solutions HERE.

What really interests us is, how doctors, who are not physically with you, are able to observe your enamels. To do that, there is a hardware called ScanBox. ScanBox looks like a virtual reality headset, but for your teeth.

It is designed to be used with a smartphone and comes with a retractor that, to put it crudely, is a tooth for prying open your mouth. Anyone who have visited the dentist would be familiar with this retractor.

Dental Monitoring Virtual Dental Consultation

However, the retractor is not quite the same. It also serves as a docking to the ScanBox to facilitate capturing oral photos at various perspectives.

Until the day, smartphone scan our teeth unassisted and us, knowing exactly how to do it, ScanBox is the way for patients of Dental Monitoring to capture detailed dental imagery for doctors to evaluate.

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You can learn more about Dental Monitoring and its solutions at its website, and for the extra curious, here’s how the ScanBox is being used:

Images: Dental Monitoring.