Stella Dog Talks With Voice Buttons

While we are dying to know why Talking Cat can talk like a regular person in Rick and Morty’s universe (or universes?), here on Earth we have a dog that kind of talks. Unlike the eccentric Talking Cat, Christina Hunger’s canine friend does not actually talk with voice. That will totally creep everyone out.

Christina is a speech-language pathologist who teaches the dog, Stellar, to communicate her intention with large custom buttons. Each each will playback a prerecorded message like “play”, “eat” et cetera, when Stella depress it.

Stella Dog Talks With Voice Buttons

By teaching Stella what each button means, Stella subsequently learn to use the button to say what she want. Absolutely brilliant and clearly way less creepy than an actual talking animal.

Sci-fi dog language translator is not here yet and so I supposed Christina’s creation is the closest we will get to understand what our canine friend really want to express. With some training, of course.

You can learn more about Christina’s journey of teaching Stella to talk her website,, as well as her YouTube channel.

Image: YouTube (hungerforwords).

Source: YouTube (iJustMadeThis4MyFam).