The wearable chair offers much-needed relief for workers who need to work standing for hours on end. The Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat by Camille Ringebach you see here is a low-tech solution that also serves a similar purpose but for workers who need to be in an almost squatting position, such as the vineyard workers.

Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat by Camille Ringebach

The French industrial designer and ECAL grad observed that grape-pickers often need to be in a posture that is awkward when doing their job, plus these workers will need to move fairly frequently. With the problems identified, Camille came up with a brilliant solution that would let the workers get the support and the user can get up, and move to the next location, all without the burden of carrying yet another thing.

What makes Achilles an absolutely darling is simplicity. It comes in a pair with each sporting a wedge-shaped design that is concave on the hypotenuse. The concave makes fitting on the calf more natural.

Achilles Wearable Mobile Seat by Camille Ringebach

Made from tinted waterproof foam, Achilles are designed to secure on the calf, above the heel, with the integrated elastic bands. The result is a mobile seat that helps relieve the thigh and calf of the stress when in a squatting position and still affords the wearer the freedom of movement. As I have said, it is simple and effective, which means it is brilliant.

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Images: Camille Ringebach [FR].

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