The Westcoaster Norwegian Hand Knit Wool Beanie

If you are a serious beanie enthusiast, chances are, you’d be disgusted by how beanies have become just another lazy, factory-made piece. It seems like a traditional, handcrafted beanie is a lost art. Well, not if the guys from Red Hat Factory in Norway can help it.

The Westcoaster Norwegian Hand Knit Wool Beanie

These guys are totally into beanies and they are determined to create the best beanies money can buy. And because of Red Hat Factory, today we learned that there is more than one style of the beanie. Well, didn’t I tell you that these guys are super serious about this head-hugging, brim-less hat?

Red Hat Factory’s latest beanie style is The Westcoaster Wool Beanie and like other beanies before it, each The Westcoaster is hand-knitted using traditional Norwegian craftsmanship and with double wool thread. The latter is essentially knitting with two skeins of yarn on the needles at the same time to result in a fuller beanie with an even rougher texture.

The Westcoaster Norwegian Hand Knit Wool Beanie

Did we mention that it has no tag on it? Yup. Just like the beanie mum or granny made for you.

If you are sold by what The Westcoaster Wool Beanie has to offer, you may find it being crowdfunded on Kickstarter where you can secure one for €78 (or about US$85, according to Kickstarter).

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Not going to lie, it is not cheap for any beanie but that’s the price you will have to pay if you want a real beanie.

Images: Red Hat Factory.