Businesses never fail to find ways to roll out limited edition products to commemorate just about anything – even commemorating a collaboration. Such is what CASIO Baby-G is celebrating and the occasion? 25 years of tie-in with the 50-year-old Japanese manga character, Doraemon. To mark this quarter of a century tie-in, CASIO has released a pair of Baby G x Doraemon watches, namely BGD-560-7PRDL and BA-110BE-7PRDL.

CASIO Baby-G x Doraemon Watches

The former comes with a set of white strap decorated with black and white Doraemon cartoon and the former has a set of white strap adorned with colored Doraemon cartoon. The black and white cartoon is a reminiscence of the beautiful memories (presumably on the matter of tie-in with the two brands) while the colored version signifies an exciting present and future. The case back of the two timepieces are different too.

The BGD-560-7PRDL features a case back with an image of Doraemon peeking from behind a banner with the number 2112, which is the birth year, of the robotic cat, along with the words “DORAEMON FROM THE FUTURE” and Baby-G 25th. The BA-110BE-7PRDL, on the other hand, has a headshot of Doraemon, along with the words “A CAT-TYPE ROBOT”, its name on a banner and the number “25th”.

The watches are pretty typical for watches of such nature, TBH. I think what’s really going to get this off the shelves is the packaging, or the box, to be precise. The box is a large 9-inch (23 centimeters) tall Doraemon figure which has a few neat tricks of its own. First it has movable arms, albeit only along one plane. Also, by moving the arms, it triggers the figure to change its expression. By ‘expression’, we do mean the changing of the eyes.

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Finally, Doraemon’s front pouch can be open for stash tiny objects like coins or keys. Unfortunately, unlike the manga’s cat robot, this tiny pouch does not contain the universe. CASIO Baby-G x Doraemon Watches are available to China market via CASIO China online store for 690 yuan and 990 yuan for the BGD-560-7PRDL (US$100) and the BA-110BE-7PRDL (US$144), respectively.

Images: CASIO China [CN].

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