Attempt to swallow cinnamon is an idea as bad as jumping off a moving vehicle, or jumping over a speeding vehicle. You know what else is also a bad idea? This: a 30-inch Floating Crocodile Decoy For Pool that look almost too realistic from even at the edge of the pool (assuming it is at the center). Trust me. You won’t be debating if it really is a crocodile or an alligator if you see this thing chilling out in a pool. You’d be running for your life and dialing 911. Why? Just ask Florida.

30-inch Floating Crocodile Decoy For Pool

That said, this is probably something Floridians will not be fond of. Just look at this thing. It may sport a couple of cartoonish anatomy, like the usually flat leg and feet, it is otherwise pretty life-like. That said, this ain’t no pool toy (though it does float on water). Poolmaster created it to serve as a decor and spruce up the ambiance of pools, ponds, gardens and if you so desire, patios. I am sure why would anyone pick a croc for decor and ambiance, but hey, I am not going to judge.

It also comes in handy as a scarecrow to help keep unwanted animals and birds away, and I highly suspect, it will have the same effect on humans too. So, if you have shameless neighbors or friends who only befriend you every summer because you have a pool, then this $55.99 30-inch Floating Crocodile Decoy might just be what you need to keep them away. If the exposed legs while floating on water is too telling that it is fake, fret not cos’ there is also a 20.5-inch head-only version – complete with a baby croc on it for added realism – that will create the illusion of a croc is lurking in your pool.

Images: Poolmaster.

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