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Get Into Halloween Fortnite-Style With This Inflatable Battle Bus

Fortnight is the in thing now. Well, that’s if you are into shooter video games and if you are, you will want this on your lawn. Yup. It is the Battle Bus from the game and it is an inflatable. It looks the part, except that it won’t fly. At 18 feet (about 5.5 meters) long, it makes for an epic Fortnight-themed Halloween decoration. That’s provided that you have a front lawn for it. Continue reading Get Into Halloween Fortnite-Style With This Inflatable Battle Bus

Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair

Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair
(photos: ThinkGeek) Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair | US$24.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

more than four decades on, Star Trek remains the favorite among sci-fi geeks. if you happens to be one of the faithful Trekkies, then you probably want to pass on this Trek-culture to your kids and you can start by acquiring the Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair. so why not a full-size replica, you ask? cos’ inflatable makes it mobile (no, it don’t have wheels but it is super lightweight) and adorable, plus it won’t break your bank. that’s why. designed for kids age 3 and up to small adults not more than 120 pounds (54 kg), the chair features various buttons and lights printed on the arms for imagination play. Continue reading Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair

enough of action figures, time for some inflatable fun

Blimpus - inflatable character 544x339px
(image credit: Blimpus) Blimpus, An Inflatable Character Canvas | from US$20.00 | www.blimpus.com

love collecting cute, arty stuff including vinyl figurines? then you should be familiar with vinyl collectibles such as bearbrick, munny, dunny et cetera. physically, these vinyl figurines look the same but what set each of them apart is the awesome graphics that each toy sports. that said, we want to introduce you to a whole new world of collectibles: the Blimpus. Blimpus differs with the rest of the collectibles in two major ways: first, it is not a solid vinyl – it is an inflatable PVC vinyl canvas and second, it comes as a flat blank canvas which makes creating design much easier. Continue reading enough of action figures, time for some inflatable fun

tent that uses double layer airbeams instead of poles

HemiPlanet Tent img1 544px
(image credit: HemiPlanet) HemiPlanet Tent | US$tbc (concept) | www.heimplanet.com

campers would have noted that over the years, tents haven’t really evolve much but it would, if this concept pole-less tent from HemiPlanet becomes a reality. structurally, it may not be ground-breaking but its the innovative structure design that makes it different. the HemiPlanet tent has inflatable diamond grid structure with the grid being double layer airbeams divided into five major sections after inflation. makes sense, as you don’t want any puncture to bring down the whole tent.

the main grid is reinforced with polyester encasing which offers the structure the protection and extra stiffness required. the round base gives the tent structure more room, fitting up to six person seated or three, sleeping side by side. no further details are available at this point, except that this tent can be set up without assembly in under a minute. i suppose an air compressor would be required, else it should be using some air-release canister or the likes to inflate it.

anyhow, it looks cool and departs generally, from today’s tent design. it would be nice if it is light weight and all packed in for a ‘one button’ release where the tent will inflate itself and ready for use. wrapping it up is altogether another matter. we shall worry about that when its time for us to hit the track again. we also note that there should have some form of anchor if we were to use this tent in area as pictured in the video below (1:12). else it might just be gone with the wind before we know it.

via Core77