Harikrishnan’s Inflatable Latex Trousers

The streamlined look of skinny jeans/pants is here to stay because, we are in the future, aren’t we? Plus, it is nice to take up less space in the closet and in the subway. But then this happen: Harikrishnan’s Inflatable Latex Trousers.

Yes. Inflatable fashion is a thing. And I guarantee you that this isn’t the future of fashion I was expecting. The fashion design graduate who goes by a single name, Harikrishnan, created this quirky fashion piece for his graduate collection.

In case you missed the one very important detail… yes, it is inflatable… blown up with a valve located at the bottom of the pants.

Harikrishnan’s Inflatable Latex Trousers

The ridiculous look came about when he wondered how exaggerated objects must have looked to a dog that is at a low angle. Huh. So, this is how crazy we look to animals? Considered that as one of the mysteries in life solved.

And oh, while Harikrishnan is a menswear designer, he also made something for the fairer sex too. I guess men and women do look the same to dogs. Perhaps, an exaggerated dress would be nice too.

Surely, Harikrishnan’s Inflatable Latex Trousers is here to make a statement and won’t become a real fashion, right? Right? I mean, I will be annoyed by whoever is wearing it for taking too much space and honestly, I will hate to see it get popped in a crowded subway train. See more of Harikrishnan’s works HERE.

Harikrishnan’s Inflatable Latex Trousers

Images: Harikrishnan.

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Source: Neatorama.