Chupa Chups Soda In South Korea and Singapore

I used to be huge fan of the hard candy lollipop, Chupa Chups. OK. I am still a fan, but I realize age is catching up and too much sugary stuff is not going to this old man any good. So what is about Chupa Chups we want to talk about today? Well, nothing much. Only that the Spanish lollipop company’s famous Chupa Chups lollies are now available in soda form. Wait, what??? Yes, Chupa Chups soda is a thing. As it turns out, it was introduced sometime last year to the South Korean market and it has now made its way into the island state at the southern Malay peninsular, Singapore. Why has it not make to other parts of the world is a mystery to us. Or have they already?

Anyways, it is believed that three flavors are being offered, including “Strawberry and Cream,” “Orange,” and “Grape,” and they are available from local convenience stores. Well, the first one may taste pretty kick ass as a hard candy, but not entirely sure it will in liquid form. Seriously, “Strawberry and Cream”? So, what? Is a milk soda or something? Weird. Anywho, if you need a bit of a nostalgic taste, but feel like sucking on a sugary lolly all day is a chore (and a threat to your precious enamels), then get someone to grab a few cans for you from South Korea or Singapore.

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Pricing wise, we read that they are selling at 1.80 Singapore dollars in Singapore and 1,000 Won in South Korea (which works out to be around 1.38 USD and 0.94 USD, respectively).

Image and source via Hypebeast.