The thing about any bag is, they are cumbersome when you are done with them. This especially true for lunch bags. After emptying the content into your stomach, you are left with the same bulky container it was when filled with food. But that won’t be the case for Mighty Stash Pack. Mighty Stash Pack is not capable of stashing jeans, sweatshirt and whatnot like Hermione’s Beaded Handbag, but it is close. It is super flat when not in use, but when you need to stuff several things, it opens up to a roomy tetrahedron shape bag. Though Brooklyn-based Dynomighty Design have designed it as a lunch bag in mind, it can be used for anything, really.

In case you are using it for fruits or stuff that needs cooling, there’s an inside compartment where you can add removable ice pack to keep whatever is it that needs cooling, cool. Made of Polyurethane (PU) material, the thermal insulated lining of Mighty Stash Pack will help in keeping food warm or cold for hours on end. In addition, it is water resistant, features durable nylon lining and nylon strap, and perhaps more importantly for a lunch bag, it is BPA-free. The bag is totally reversible, so it can be turned inside out to be cleaned thorough after use.

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Mighty Stash Pack Expandable Carryall Bag by Dynomighty Design

Speaking of after use, it can be flatten back to its original form to save on storage base – a clear attractive proposition for those who use it as a lunch bag. Finally, the included carabiner allows it to be easily attached to a bag, or if you desire, hook to the car head rest to serve as a container for your kids’ favorite snacks, or even toys.

Mighty Stash Pack Expandable Carryall Bag by Dynomighty Design is on its final leg of crowdfunding on Kickstarter where you can pre-order (it is already funded, btw) one for as low as $15. Not bad a price for a bag that’s so versatile and roomy, eh? Go ahead and check it out.

Mighty Stash Pack Expandable Carryall Bag by Dynomighty Design

Images courtesy of Dynomighty Design.

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