Heatbox Self-Heating Lunchbox Heats Up Your Food, Charges Your Phone Too

Lunchboxes. There are boat loads of options out there. From the adorable to the sophisticated examples that are targeted at health conscious yuppies with meal plans. Whichever you choose, they have one thing in common: they do no heat up your food. But that is until Heatbox came along.

This Poké Ball Won’t Hold Monsters, But It Sure Will Contain Your Lunch

The Pokémon fad may seems to be faded, but it really has not. I still see many people, young and old, filling out the parks every now and then to catch digital creatures lurking in the wild. Well, for these people, they are probably the ones feverish enough to want this: Poké Ball Lunch Case, […]

Mighty Stash Pack Is The Lunch Bag That You Never Knew You Need

The thing about any bag is, they are cumbersome when you are done with them. This especially true for lunch bags. After emptying the content into your stomach, you are left with the same bulky container it was when filled with food. But that won’t be the case for Mighty Stash Pack. Mighty Stash Pack […]

This Super Sleek Lunchbox Helps You To Diet Without Tech Intervention

When it comes to lunchbox, one probably didn’t think it needed further innovations. Well, it probably don’t, but then again, gone are the days where you just need a chunk of space for pre-prepared food. These days we are conscious about what we eat and the amount we eat, and then there are the ease […]

This Beautiful Modern Take Of LunchBox Offers Recipe Ideas

When we bury ourselves in work all-morning, having a hearty meal for lunch is the only thing to forward to. However, the truth is, eating out can be costly and often unhealthy. On the other hand, packing lunch, which is the better option, pits us with another set of problems: leaking containers, uninspiring lunch boxes […]

Tactical Lunch Kit Is The Appropriate Lunchbag For War or Zombie Apocalypse

though it might not be practically applicable to most of us, but having something that we use frequently in ‘tactical’ form seems like a very man thing to do. we have seen numerous tactical rendition of otherwise regular objects, including writing instruments, shot glass, ATV, flashlights, lamp and even BBQ apron – just to name […]