When we bury ourselves in work all-morning, having a hearty meal for lunch is the only thing to forward to. However, the truth is, eating out can be costly and often unhealthy. On the other hand, packing lunch, which is the better option, pits us with another set of problems: leaking containers, uninspiring lunch boxes and scratching our heads over what to prepare for the next day and the day after next. However, one startup wants to change that. It wants to encourage a healthier and more economical lifestyle with its completely rethought lunchbox. Known as Prepd Pack, this contemporary take of lunch boxes not only looks pretty but also comes with a companion app that enables you to log the nutritional value of the food you consumed.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox

The lunchbox has an bamboo exterior, while the inside is an empty space designed to accommodate a handful of individual leak-proof BPA-free containers of different sizes. It is much like a bento box, but instead of having fixed compartments, the compartments are separate, removable containers. Prepd comes with its own magnetic flatware and a thoughtful cutlery holder within the box. One of the highlight of Prepd Pack is the app, which apart from logging nutrition value, also offer recipes, thus saving you the hassle of brainstorming what to prepare. Based on the recipes, the app pulls out a list of ingredients that will fit the Prepd Pack container sizes. The team behind Prepd even went to length to consult professional chefs, home cooks, and nutritionists to derive the recipes.

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Prepd Pack Lunchbox

In addition to be more cost effective, packing your own lunch also contributes to sustainability, since you won’t be contributing to packaging waste in your office. Though we observed that reducing packaging waste is merely eliminating one of the necessary evil cos’ you’d be using water to clean the lunchbox. In our humble opinion, it is just a matter of choosing between the two evils. We love Prepd Pack’s proposal, but like many things in life, whether it will work for an individual depends very much on the person’s discipline in adhering to the regiment.

Honestly, if you do have that kind of discipline, you could do without fancy lunchbox or app. You’d be Googling for recipes and planning for the entire week. However, if you feel like you need some guidance of sort, then Prepd Pack may be just right for you. Having said that, you might be interested in picking up the Prepd Pack Lunchbox as a pre-order on Kickstarter for $50 and up. The campaign is well over funded, which means the product is a go and if everything goes as planned, you can expect to be greeted with Prepd Pack sometime this June.

Prepd Pack Lunchbox

Prepd Pack Lunchbox

Kickstarter via Tech Insider

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