Well, you have heard and seen wooden watches. Now meet one that is powered by a wooden circuit board. TBH, I never thought it was possible, but here it is, Telhart, the world’s first wooden circuit board wrist watch. Telhart is created by a San Francisco product design company by the same name and it boasts an all-wood circuit board that is hand-cut from premium treated American redwood in Telhart’s San Francisco design studio.

Telhart Wooden Circuit Board Wrist Watch

The circuit board features is fused with copper detailing to create an aesthetically appealing watch circuit that is also environmentally-conscious. The beauty of the wooden circuit board can be admired through a port window on the case back, much like the skeleton timepieces. That’s not it. The team even went to length to create an all-wood holding block that can transform the watch into a minimalist desk clock. Now, that’s classy!

Telhart Wooden Circuit Board Wrist Watch

Beyond that, the Telhart is a bespoke timepiece that sports a timeless, classic design that further touts a 40 mm textured stainless steel case, a seamless mechanical exterior, a flush crown, custom made Swiss gears, timing intervals programmed with bespoke software, quick release straps, a 3-year battery life and water resistant down to 50 meters (164 feet). We love thick watches and while the 8 mm this gorgeous timepiece touts isn’t the thickest, but it appears to make a good case diameter-to-thickness ratio. Though, I would wish for at least a 46 mm case diameter. Just saying…

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Telhart has taken its first product to Kickstarter where you can help it see the light of production by backing the campaign. A contribution of $350 or more will secure a unit – if the campaign meets or surpasses its set funding goal of $19K in the next 27 days or so. It is close though. At the time of this writing, it has rolled in nearly $12K and so, it is likely to make it… with your help.

Go ahead and scroll down to have a look at the product pitch video (and possibly convince yourself why you need a Telhart in your life).

Images courtesy of Telhart.

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