It is sad that we have to come to this. I am talking about escalating number of mass shooting incidents in school in the U.S. that resulted in concerned parents rushing to grab bulletproof backpacks for their kids. It is that bad.

Bulletproof Backpack Is Latest Fad in U.S.
Photo: Masada Armor

According to the FBI, of the mass shooting incidents between 2000 and 2013, nearly one-quarter happened in school or educational institution. While schools have taken steps to mitigate this situation, parents are rushing to grab bulletproof backpacks for their children in case anything of such nature were to happen (knock on wood!).

Since we are on this grim topic…. we can’t help but to wonder if schools should offer protective equipment, such as those found on bulletproof zone, or something of such nature to keep students safe in the event of emergency? Lets face it. A bulletproof bag can only do this much; it protects the torso and only on one side.

Anywho, back to the bulletproof backpack… apparently, it was a sought after item during this year’s back-to-school shopping spree. As it turns out, there are several manufacturers making bulletproof backpacks. Guard Dog Security is one of them and so is Leatherback Gear and Israel-based Masada Armor.

These backpacks are highly accessible too, with availability in retails shelves alongside regular backpacks in major retail stores like Home Depot, as well as as online at Walmart and Amazon. It is crazy that a child going to an institution to learn knowledge about life and stuff has to fear for his or her life.

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What has this world turned into? Or should I say, what the U.S.A. turned into? Surely, this isn’t the picture the founding fathers had in mind, is it? Anywho, so yeah, bulletproof backpack is a thing in stateside (and it is super sad) and I suspect it is not going to stop there.

Who knows, bulletproof shoes and DEFLEXION-based clothing could be a thing too in not too distant future? Whatever it is, it looks like a sad future awaits, but lets hope that isn’t going to be the case.

Featured image: YouTube.

Source(s): LuxuryLaunches/Fortune.

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