There’s drinking glass and then there’s the bulletproof drinking glass. Well, actually, it is not quite bulletproof, but the Bulletproof Shot Glass by BenShot kind of make the point by embedding a real bullet into a drinking glass – complete with the appropriate glass deformation at the ‘point of impact.” The product image is pretty surreal actually. It looks like a bullet impacting a drinkware captured at the right moment. If you ask me, it is quite a sight to behold and makes for a wonderful drinkware for any firearm enthusiast or military personnel’s man cave.

Bulletproof Shot Glass by BenShot

The 1.5 oz shot glass (or glass being shot at) is handcrafted by the Wisconsin father and son team and despite the real bullet used, it is totally safe for drinking as there’s no exposed lead and neither are there traces of gunpowder. In case you are confused, BenShot didn’t actually shoot at a shot glass to get the slug there. BenShot said the drinkware is totally dishwasher safer, but it also noted that slight tarnishing on the bullet may occur as the result of certain dishwasher agents. Made in the good’ol US of A. You can pick one up for just 15 bucks from BenShot website or The Fancy. A 7.5 oz Bulletproof Rocks Glass is also available, priced at $23 a pop.

Bulletproof Shot Glass by BenShot

Bulletproof Shot Glass by BenShot

BenShot via The Fancy

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  1. Point of Impact, and the Bullet is NOT Deformed in ANY Way, Shape or Form. “STAGED”, Window Dressing…

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