The HummViewer is an awesome contraption that lets you see hummingbird feed up close. But it is not without its cons. Firstly, you will have to stay super still and wait for the birds to arrive which god knows when and secondly, what you see is only imprinted into your memory. There’s no way to share it with everyone. Enters Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder.

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder is a high-tech solution that addresses the aforementioned shortfalls and more. Just leave the Smart Hummingbird Feeder in your yard and go about your daily business. The device will notify you when your hovering avian friends have arrived.

Not only will you receive automatic visitor notifications, you can enjoy high-resolution photos and videos of their visitation, and share them with your friends and family.

The imaging device, which is a universal camera module that can be used with other Bird Buddy products, is armed with a 120° field of view lens and takes 5 MP photos, HD video, and boasts a built-in microphone. It is a smart camera that knows what is in front of the lens and only captures the best shots. There’s more.

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder and Smart Bird Bath

Powerful AI will identify over 700 species and the Bird Buddy app experience gamifies the process of collecting different species. It will kind of make you a bird collector, or in this case hummingbird collector, without actually collecting the birds and denying them their freedom. You can also think of the system as a bird journal for bird/nature enthusiasts.

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The system is powered by a rechargeable battery which can be hooked up to an optional solar roof that reduces the need for recharging. I don’t believe the battery life was disclosed.

The Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder is made up of a hummingbird feeder housing, a smart camera module, a 12 oz nectar holder, and a stainless steel hanging wire. It can also be pole-mounted using the optional Pole Mounting System.

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder and Smart Bird Bath

Along with the Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder, Bird Buddy also introduced the Bird Buddy Smart Bird Bath which does pretty much the same but for birds to bathe.

If you are down, both Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder and the Bird Buddy Smart Bird Bath are available through Kickstarter with a starting price of US$174 and US$184, respectively.

There is an option to secure both for US$259. Additionally, there is a Conservation Hero Bundle (US$469+) that includes both the feeder and bird bath and a pole mounting system, and a modular platform for creating your very own backyard bird oasis.

Bird Buddy Smart Hummingbird Feeder
Bird Buddy Smart Bird Bath

Images: Bird Buddy.

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