Samsung Galaxy S23 users who golf may want to check out this awesome case from ROKFORM. Called Eagle 3, it is the first-ever Samsung Galaxy S23 Series case designed for golfing. It will help achieve Eagle all the time, let alone hole-in-one but it will let you attach your phone to the golf cart and leave the cup holder to be used as it was designed for: a cup, drink bottle, or soda can.

ROKFORM Galaxy S23 Series Case for Golf

Obviously, this is for folks who do not have the habit of having their phones in their pockets. And probably don’t want a huge like the Galaxy S23 Ultra in your pocket when you are making the swing… The ROKFORM Eagle 3 for Samsung Galaxy S23 Series features 16 specially designed extra strength MAGMAX MagSafe compatible magnets plus a lower magnet array that afford it 10x more holding power to ferrous metal surfaces than traditional MagSafe magnetic cases.

ROKFORM said the magnets are proven safe for all Galaxy phones and credit cards, and the MAGMAX works with most third-party MagSafe-compatible accessories. With powerful magnets, you can be sure that the phone stay attached to the golf cart when you maneuver across the 18 holes.

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ROKFORM Galaxy S23 Series Case for Golf

When attached to the golf cart’s pillar, it kind of lends the golf cart a “golf computer” in which you can view GPS yardage apps. It can also serve as a “dashcam” recording your ride across the fairways and adjust to film golf swings.

It does all that while protecting knocks and bumps, and drops from up to 6 feet onto the cart path. The exposed parts on the back are protected by clear windows to allow the cameras to function and also let the device’s color be seen. The case promises military-grade corner, camera, and screen protection. The latter boasts a 2 mm screen protection to keep the screen safe in the event of drops.

ROKFORM Galaxy S23 Series Case for Golf

The new ROKFORM Eagle 3 is for Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23, and can be had for US$69.99 each. I know. It may be hard to wrap your head around how the case is designed for golf and so, here’s an official product video to help you understand that:

ROKFORM Galaxy S23 Series Case for Golf

Images: ROKFORM.

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