Pebble, the outfit that practically kickstart the whole smartwatch frenzy, is back with a new smartwatch model called Time. There is a lot to shout about the new Pebble Time. It represents a huge enhancement over its predecessor, starting with a color e-paper display with the same 7 days battery life. Pretty impressive, eh? Unlike Android Wear devices, Pebble Time is not about to replace your smartphone; it is an extension of your smartphone. It is here to make your life easier to manage, feeding you with info you need without cluttering the timepiece, and hence the introduction of a new user interface, dubbed Timeline. Timeline organizes the info you need in a vertical timeline which you can scroll through, find what you need and at a click, lets you in on the detail. It lets you check what’s going on now, in the future and even go back to the past to see what you may have missed. Basically, Timeline really takes information at a glance to a new height.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

As before, the watch is water resistant and offers the customizability you have accustomed to – wrapped in a sleek, slightly curved, low profile watch case that fits your wrist like a glove (ok, we felt odd saying that…). With the new Pebble smartwatch, it also boasts a built-in microphone that lets you send voice replies to incoming notifications or take short voice notes. But make no mistake, Pebble voice feature is not Google Now or Siri wannabe; it has no intention to be. It merely wants to make things more convenient for you, for times when voice would be a more efficient method of doing things. Of course, the best part about Time is color. Finally, style conscious folks do not have to live life in mono. The color e-paper display enables it to be read even under bright sunlight, while consume little energy thus allowing Time to achieve a pretty awesome 7 days battery life.

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Other mentions include removable strap (fits any 22mm watch band), tactile buttons just like regular watches, vibrating alarms, step tracking with Misfit and Jawbone, support language and international character, and most importantly, it plays well with iOS devices (iPhone 4s and up running iOS 8 and above), as well as all Android 4.0 OS-powered smartphones. Going back where it started, Pebble has brought the Time to Kickstarter and have again make history. Pebble Time has beat its own record in just two days. At the time of this writing, it has 28 more days to go, but has pulled in nearly 50,000 (not a typo) backers with over 10,700,000 in funding (also not a typo). If you are ready to dive into Pebble’s new smartwatch, you can pre-order yours for $179 with delivery expected to happen as soon as June 2015. Keep going to catch a pitch video to learn more.

Pebble Time Smartwatch

Pebble Time Smartwatch

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