though it might not be practically applicable to most of us, but having something that we use frequently in ‘tactical’ form seems like a very man thing to do. we have seen numerous tactical rendition of otherwise regular objects, including writing instruments, shot glass, ATV, flashlights, lamp and even BBQ apron – just to name a few – and so it seems like having a Tactical Lunch Kit is a no brainer. whether you will be consuming you lunch in extreme hypothetical situations such as in a war zone or in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, or in real-life conditions like rock climbing or fly fishing, this black Cordura lunch bag has its rightful place. anyway, it is a well known fact that too bright an object in the wilderness might only attract undue attention. is it not?

Tactical Lunch Kit By ThinkGeek

key bag features include a padded waterproof interior, two small removable side pouches for bite-size stuff, a back zipper pocket that fits an iPad mini or other stuff like maps and documents, three plastic D-rings, and an adjustable shoulder strap which can be removed if desired. the Tactical Lunch Kit comes bundled with a matching a 12 oz. (355ml) matte black thermos and ‘Tactical Nourishment Pack’ which is basically a pretty resealable snack pouch for your sandwiches and stuff. why should you need a tactical lunch kit instead of a Boba Fett one is really obvious, but at just a little under 30 bucks a pop, you don’t quite need any reasoning, do you?

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Tactical Lunch Kit By ThinkGeek

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