just like drinking and driving, drinking and firearms don’t mix. but there are exceptions, and this ‘exception’ happens to be in the form of the Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass. if the product name doesn’t quite say anything, here’s the deal for you macho shot lover: each of the Muzzleshot Tactical Shot Glass is machined from heat-treated billet aluminum, forming a 1.5 oz. (44 ml) shot glass style after the flash suppressor aka muzzle of an M16 Assault Rifle, in anodized grey finish for that added ‘tactical’ touch. no, it doesn’t have slots like the real muzzle does. else, it wouldn’t be able to hold your favorite fiery beverage, would it? the shot glass can be purchased individually for $34.95 each, but what’s the fun in it drinking alone, or having to waste precious moments to refill a lone glass? and that’s exactly why you can get a set of two ($115.95), or better still, in a case of four ($199.95). to reward you for not being a selfish dude, the set of two and four comes with a beautiful Pelican case, in a choice of three colors: black, sand, or military green, complete with foam cutout to nest your treasured alcoholic drinkware. the M16A1 was the very first assault rifle that i was trained in and for that i guess i will drink to that. speaking of which, the real kicker here is, i won’t have any carbon to deal with after completing the shots (pun absolutely intended) . awesome. totally.

Muzzleshot via Desire This

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