ruggedized guitar? now that’s a good reason to be strumming away in your next camping trip deep in the wilderness. frankly, most regular people won’t have such a need, but with the Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar looking so darn awesome, you don’t need to be a musically-inclined adventurer to get one. in any case that you do go everywhere and would love to have a guitar to accompany you, it will gladly oblige. thanks to its rugged construction that comprised of top quality carbon fiber, flax fabric, and bio-derived resins, the handcrafted Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar can take on anything that an out-of-urban-comfort adventure will unleash upon it, including dirt, water, knocks and bumps – doing all that in an ultra lightweight package while offering brilliant resonant sound. further testament to its road-worthiness is a headless neck design that reduces its size significantly without sacrificing performance (not to mention eliminating the chances of snags with trees and vegetations), and an integrated daisy chain on its back that provides a strong universal attachment to any of your outdoor gear such rucksack or backpack. most importantly, it looks uber awesome. oh. we said that already, didn’t we? the Alpaca Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar (officially: The Alpaca Guitar) can be yours to own for $575 a pop. check out a couple of audio sample produced by this beauty in the embedded sound files below.

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Alpaca Guitar Company via Uncrate

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