Since after the first official look of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, Marvel is quick to dish out the very first trailer of the movie and boy, am I all pumped up. As expected from Marvel Studio, this newest superhero flick is all about action, action and more action. Unlike, you know, which studio. Anywho, in case you haven’t heard, Captain Marvel is an origin story (like, obviously right?), which means the entire movie is set in the 90s, pre-dating, you guess it, The Avengers.

It being set in the 90s also means you can expect to see pagers, the communication device of choice during that time, being used and once familiar sights like Blockbuster Video rental stores and such. It will be trip down memory lanes for born prior to the 90s. And also, it will have Samuel L. Jackson, reprising his role as director Nick Fury, but it was a time when he still have both of his eyes and look a lot younger. Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel also starts Jude Law, Lee Pace, and Clark Gregg, and it is expected to hit the theaters in the U.S. on March 8, 2019.

Skip ahead for the said official first movie trailer.

Image: YouTube.

Source: BallerStatus.

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